Cognitive and Affective Psychophysiology and Experimental Science

Current Projects:

Neural and behavioral effects of focused-attention vs. self-compassion mindfulness meditation practice

Hemispheric contributions to processing high-arousing, emotional images in a divided visual field task

Influence of task difficulty and emotion on conflict processing across variations of the Stroop and flanker tasks



Current Graduate Students:

Nikolas Lunny, Clinical/Counseling Psychology Master’s student

Current Undergraduate Students:

Zachary Gemelli, senior psychology major

Past Graduate Students:

Fabienne Messier-McEleney, Research Psychology Master’s student: Thesis project – “Proactive control, emotional distraction, and trait anxiety: an ERP study”

Alexandra da Costa Ferro: Thesis project – “Task instructions and anxiety influence attention to pain: an ERP study”

Caitlin Girouard: Thesis project – “Sustained attention to emotional vs. non-emotional target categories: an ERP study”

Shannon O’Brien: Thesis project – “The impact of trait mindfulness on affective priming as measured by the late positive potential: an ERP study”

Luke Pezanko: Thesis project – “Time perception and emotion: an event related potential (ERP) investigation”


Ruth Ann Atchley, Ph.D.

Brian Ayotte, Ph.D.

Maureen Hall, Ph.D.

Jennifer Fugate, Ph.D.

Wendy Heller, Ph.D.

Trina Kershaw, Ph.D.

Greg Miller, Ph.D.